Immigrating to Quebec: which program to choose?

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Apart from the Regular Skilled Worker Program (PRTQ), Quebec has implemented new targeted programs to attract foreign talent, particularly in the sectors of artificial intelligence, information technology, health and food processing.

The permanent immigration pilot program for artificial intelligence, information technology and visual effects workers

Coming into effect in April 2021, this pilot program aims to select highly qualified workers in three booming employment sectors in Quebec that face a significant labor shortage. 550 people per year will be retained, as well as their family members, i.e. 275 Quebec graduates or temporary workers in the artificial intelligence sector and 275 foreign workers in the information and technology sector. visual effects. To be selected, you must, in particular, communicate orally in French independently, hold or have accepted a job in the artificial intelligence, information technology or visual effects sectors in Quebec.

The Food Processing Workers Permanent Immigration Pilot Program

The objective of this program is to help Quebec businesses retain their foreign labor force and remain competitive with businesses located in other Canadian provinces. Scheduled until January 1, 2026, it allows temporary foreign workers in food processing to settle in Quebec permanently. Here again, 550 people per year as well as their family members are selected on criteria such as the level of oral French, the capacity for financial autonomy or obtaining a secondary school diploma at least or a diploma of professional studies from Quebec.

The patient attendant permanent immigration pilot program

To compensate for the scarcity of labor exacerbated by the pandemic, this program selects 550 caregivers per year, as well as their family members. To benefit from it, it is necessary to know how to communicate orally in French, to have work experience as a beneficiary attendant in Quebec or to hold a job as a beneficiary attendant in Quebec when applying. People who meet these conditions can submit an application for permanent selection and obtain a Québec selection certificate.

The international mobility plus program (PMI+)

Brand new, this program is a new fast track for foreign workers selected by Quebec who have not yet obtained their permanent residence and who meet labor needs. It is aimed at people who have work experience in a priority sector targeted by the Workforce Operation (ICT, engineering, construction, health, education), or in a profession assessed as having a shortage of manpower. throughout Quebec; People who hold a permanent job offer from a Quebec employer, validated by the MIFI (Ministry of Immigration, Francization and Integration).

The Quebec experience program (PEQ)

This system is intended for foreign students who have graduated from Quebec or temporary foreign workers who wish to settle permanently in Quebec. To submit an application, you must meet all the program conditions: be 18 years of age or older; intend to settle in Québec to hold a job; have a knowledge of oral French equivalent to level 7 of the Quebec scale of French proficiency levels for adult immigrants; prove their financial autonomy.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)

This Program allows Canadian employers to hire temporary foreign workers for up to three years. The program includes the following streams: – Global Talents – High Pay Positions – Low Pay Positions – Temporary Workers. This program has been relaxed to accommodate 65 new occupations, including accommodation and food services, construction, hospitals and nursing facilities. (List on en/employers/hire-temporary/index.html).

Start with an internship

Are you between 18 and 35 years old and looking for work experience in Quebec or more broadly in Canada? The Franco-Quebec Youth Office offers the program “ Advanced training courses for job seekers » in partnership with Pôle Emploi, which allows young French professionals to carry out internships of three to six months in Quebec, while retaining their return to work allowance (ARE). Open to all levels of qualification, this system is an opportunity to gain experience, strengthen your CV and discover North American working methods. If you are not compensated by Pôle Emploi, you may be granted financial mobility aid and the internship can be compensated up to €700 per month for three months.

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