Going to work in England? Everything you need to know before you go!

As of January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. Because of this, some changes have emerged when it comes to going to work in this country. Even if Brexit still applies, all French people wishing to carry out professional activities in England are obliged to have a work visa. So what are the elements to prepare before leaving? Who should I contact? What budget do I need to plan to obtain a work visa?

Is it possible to go to work in the UK?

If you have found an interesting job offer in England, the question you spontaneously ask yourself is the following: is it possible to go and work in this country? Although the United Kingdom has withdrawn from the European Union, know that you have the right to go to this country to work there. Despite the dissuasion of many immigrants, the British government established a point system in order to favor the most competent individuals. As a point of clarification, Brexit is a decision that created the obligation to apply for a visa in order to cross the borders of the United Kingdom. In a way, the French can no longer move freely between the two countries.

Why choose England?

Working abroad has always been very advantageous to complete one’s professional career. Whether you are a new graduate or an already experienced employee, working in England not only allows you to master English perfectly, but also to have a more interesting standard of living. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, more than 300,000 French people choose England after Switzerland and the USA. Besides having a stable job, discovering a new culture or a new country is also a unique experience.

Obtaining a work visa to work in England

For information, there are different types of visas that you must take into account, namely:

  • Skilled Worked Visa;
  • Global Talent Visa;
  • Health and Care Visa;
  • Graduate Visa.

Translated by visa for skilled workers, the “Skilled Worked Visa” is dedicated to individuals who have a job offer approved by the Office of the Interior. To obtain this visa, you must have a B1 level of English and your annual salary must be at least £25,600.

The Global Talent Visa is a document that concerns professionals in the art, engineering, digital or science sectors. If you have a degree in these fields, you can easily work in England.

As for the Health and Care Visa, it is a visa for health professionals. In principle, those who have obtained a job offer from the NHS, the National Hearth Service, can receive this document.

Finally, the Graduate Visa is for graduates. Thanks to this document, you will have the chance to go to the United Kingdom and stay on the territory in order to find a job for two years.

The cost of a work visa

Be aware that the cost of a work visa for England varies depending on the length of stay as well as the type of visa. On average, the fees can climb up to 340 euros, but you can take advantage of a reduction relating to health surcharges. Once in the United Kingdom, it is also necessary to apply for the National Insurance Number, a device similar to social security in France. Of course, you must have a job and live in England to receive this right.

What you need to know about the professional sector in the UK

In England, the professional sector continues to improve, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the various financial crises. In 2021, for example, the unemployment rate will not exceed 4.8%. Among the cities that recruit the most, you can distinguish Edinburgh and London. As for finding work in the UK, the government has created a system called “Find a job”. Using this search engine, anyone can find a position that meets their skills.

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